75 Creekers to Go

A mission trip might be a growth producing catalyst for you. I’m confident if you let God stretch you outside your comfort zone to where you have to be absolutely dependent on Him it would leave you changed forever! Changed for the good! 

I’d like to see 75 Creekers (about 10% of our average adult Sunday attendance) participate in a cross cultural mission experience in the next year and I’d like the rest of us to help send them. (split these slides)

I’m not worried that we could get 75 to go. We will have hand-outs for you when you leave today that show you the trips we have planned with our partners. You can go to the Indian Creek Web Site and view the PDF. And if one of those doesn’t fit your calendar or budget we have a partnership with The Sending Project. There are 37 churches we have a direct relationship with and with whom we work together on mission.

There is a lot you can do to share the Good News cross-culturally even if you don’t go. I want to see 100% involved. You can send, you can pray, you can serve here, you can give, you can go next year.

If we would send 75 a year for the next five years half of us would have had a catalytic stretch-you-out-of-your-comfort-zone experience. Imagine what that would do for life and mission here at the Creek! It would change you and change us at the Creek in more positive ways than you can imagine! You might look back one day and think it was the catalyst you needed. This might become our boiling point.