A Foot in Both Worlds

You can’t get the best of both worlds by living with a foot in the world and a foot in the church.

If you are living with the flow of the downward current of the world with its values it isn’t too hard to go with the flow. You may feel a twinge of guilt now and then and accumulate some regrets along the way. But living for self usually is gratifying as long as it is working for you. Some can make it work for a long time and enjoy it.

Living for God is even more gratifying but in a completely different way. You learn that you truly can give up selfishness and still be extremely fulfilled by living for the purposes for which you were created. There is more life in serving Jesus, more joy, and less guilt or shame. The grace of God replaces those with peace of mind and heart.

The place you don’t want to live is precisely where many try to live, one foot in the world and one foot in the church. Talk about doing the splits! When you go to enjoy the world (yes I do know that is a temporary pleasure) you can’t because you know it doesn’t last and besides it is guilt producing. And when you attempt to live the Christian life it is less than satisfying because you are lukewarm in your faith. 

The book of Revelation tells us that a lukewarm faith is not pleasing to God (Rev 3:16). Truth be told, it is displeasing to us a humans too. You truly can’t get the best of both worlds by living with a foot in each world. Obviously I’m not advocating a life in the world. It has a huge downside here in this world and in eternity. I’m warning anyone trying to straddle the fence that trying to do so will eat you up.

The best choice, the only real choice with an upside is to fully surrender to Jesus and don’t look back. You’ll experience life as it was meant to be. Someday you will look back on it and know it was the best decision you’ve ever made. Go all in!