Are You Willing to Partner?

There are some new opportunities for Living SENT but, once again, I can’t step into them on my own. I’m looking for adventurous and prayerful partners in kingdom ventures.

Here are some of the recent conversations and/or requests I’ve had:

· To supply 2,500 books to the student body at MACU.

· To gift 100 books to the Church of God who wants to honor authors at the upcoming Global Gathering in June. They want to use it as a gift to give to authors of the Focus Forty (a series of daily devotionals).

· To gift Indian Creek Community Church for Guests and attendees to Starting Point (100 books).

Additionally I had a conversation just last week with Randy Montgomery, who leads multiplication for the Church of God, and he said they are considering recommending the backwards book and the Created to Live SENT series to Church of God congregations as a resource. (You can see the series at

In every case, except the last, the request was made to supply the book as a gift and the hope of the one asking was that I would donate the book. I would love to donate the books if I could but I can’t do it on my own. My cost on the books is $4.25 per book if I’m printing in the hundreds but goes down to $3.75 if I print over 1,000.

I’m wondering if any of these opportunities are the kind of outreach you might be willing to share. I’m willing to donate my cut and not make anything on the book but I haven’t yet paid for the startup cost and don’t have cash flow to donate them.

I’d love to see people value the book (step one) so much they want to pay for it themselves (step two) but evidently we are close but not yet there. I wonder if we supplied the books this time if it would unlock a step two process. I hate to lose the potential but I’ll have to say no unless other resources are available.

Will you pray with me and/or consider a gift? If you have questions or want to talk I welcome the conversations.

You could make your gift out to Living SENT, in the memo section designate which project(s) you would like to support. Please send the check to Living SENT, 12417 S. Ellsworth St., Olathe, KS 66062. You will receive a tax deductable donation.

Thanks for thinking, praying and dreaming of creating a generation of those living SENT. You are truly partnering to make this message available to many.