Blind Faith

I can't remember a time I've received more stories about God's generous provision. Here is another.


My name is Marianne Friedli. I was raised in a Christian home, attended church camp in my earlier years and have drifted away from and re-given my life to Christ more times than I can remember. I’ve attended Indian Creek a handful of times since I moved here in 2003. I’m a single mom of two. [Recently I] decided to have my 6 month old son dedicated. I said a prayer asking for forgiveness and ask God to use me daily in His purposes and to guide me down the path He planned.


I got online and saw the “Single Moms” group. I knew that is where I was supposed to be. I met a group of women who shared the same struggles as a single mom that I was experiencing and I was grateful that God led me to them.


One Sunday morning the message was about blind faith, trusting God’s path even if it doesn’t make sense. It just so happened that earlier that week, I had an issue with my apartment and I owed rent the following week or I would be evicted from my home. My bank account was low and I had one $20 bill in my wallet. With tears in my eyes, I tithed that $20, praying that God would somehow give it back to me. “Ok God,” I thought, “Let’s try this blind faith thing. I trust you.”


The following Wednesday at my Single Moms group my heart was heavy with worry. I needed to come up with this money somehow in a few days and I wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I shared my concern with my group and felt much better after I did. Over the period of the next week God would show me just how good He is and that putting my trust in Him was the right thing to do. The moms from my group, along with members from the church pooled together the money for my rent. I was able to hand over my rent on the final day before eviction and go to bed with a peaceful and grateful heart that night.


I know I will not be able to pay anyone back financially any time soon, but I pray that God will show me a way to pay it forward to someone in need. The goodness of His love is alive and well and I completely trust that His path for me is good. Thank you Indian Creek for your help. And [thanks] for opening your arms to my family, and welcoming us into your church. We feel very much at home here.


Gary Kendall