Catching up with Tom's Shoes

I think I’m the last one in my family to wear Tom’s Shoes. I actually had a pair of sun glasses before the shoes but this Christmas Belinda bought me my first pair. I waited until the snow disappeared and I’ve been wearing them the last few days. I love them! They are very comfortable and stylish–but before you think I’ve lost my man card–I’m really jazzed about the purpose of Tom’s. For every pair of shoes you buy Tom’s gives one away. Please take the time to check out the link and watch the video. You will be glad you did. I’ve heard Blake speak at the Willow Global Leadership Summit. He felt called to make a difference and he weighed two ways to do it. Go directly into ministry and always be raising support. Or start a business that would fund ministry. Guess which one he chose? What a difference that one choice made? What choices are in front of you? Can you listen for God’s voice and obey. Making the right choice not only affects your life but every life you touch.