Check out the Groups Video Intro

I have a vision of churches full of people who are living SENT. To live SENT is to live the Jesus’ life, a life that is on purpose and on mission all the time.  To that end I wrote the book backwards. Initially it seems that to live life for a purpose greater than self is backwards. It makes all kinds of sense to do what feels right and serve self.  However, once you find your way back to God and you discover real life in Jesus you quickly realize, “I was made for this!” What is truly backwards is to live apart from relationship with Jesus. I want everyone to discover God’s best!

I also wrote a groups study so that a community groups could read the book and go through the study together.  I approved the final edits tonight and it will go to print by the end of this week. One of the advantages of using the groups study with the book is that there is an intro DVD that gives a “how to” welcome, a story and a ten minute intro to the subject of the night. 

Here is a link to session 6 so you can see what it is all about. If you watch you will get to hear Belinda’s story and get a feel for what the group’s intros are all about. I’d love to hear what you think. 

I’m hoping a church would go through the six week Created to Live SENT series. They would have the book backwards, the group study, the DVD intros and 30 daily devotions. Individuals or families could read the devotions or they could watch them on YouTube. This family of resources could help your church catalyze a movement of people who are living missionally–living SENT.