Day One for One Prayer

Today (Thursday) kicks off the 40 days of prayer focus at Indian Creek. We will pray one prayer for 40 days running up to Good Friday. On that day we will celebrate what God has done in answer to our prayers. The one prayer could be a dream you’ve always had and you are asking God if now could be the time. It could be that you need a miracle. It could be a prayer that a friend or family member would find real life in Jesus. 

To provide a way for us to remember to pray with others we are suggesting you remember the numbers 752. Pray 7 times a week–don’t miss a day. Pray 5 times with your family for the one prayer so we learn the value of praying together. And if you are married pray twice a week with your spouse or a prayer partner if unmarried. Don’t let the numbers confuse you or consume you. Use them if they are helpful.

Pray! 100% of unprayed prayers go unanswered. Belinda and I are praying. I can’t wait to hear what God does. Feel free to share your thoughts here in the comments section.