Does it seem that Jesus is Asleep?

Jesus was sleeping at the back of the boat with his head on a cushion. The disciples woke him up, shouting, “Teacher, don’t you care that we’re going to drown?” Mark 4:38

When the storms of life burst on us, just like this one did in the scriptures on the original disciples, there are times where it would seem that Jesus must be asleep. Maybe we know he is in our boat but if he is with us how did this disaster just happen? Evidently we aren’t exempt from storms just because we follow Jesus.

What storms are you facing?

For some of us our storm is job related. You’ve got a job that you just can’t stand. Or maybe you could handle the job in a vacuum but you can’t stand your boss. Or the people you work are with drive you crazy. But when you complain about your job your friend says, Dude, you are just lucky you have got a job. A lot of people are just fighting to stay alive financially.

Other times our storm is a health crisis. You are sailing along and life is fine. And you go in for a doctor appointment and you get bad news. All of a sudden life is on hold! What does that report mean? Where will it lead?

Sometimes the storm isn’t yours but it is overwhelming someone you love so it feels like your storm too. Many of the worst storms come through broken relationships.

Many marriages are facing storms. Sometimes it threatens to sink the marriage. There may not be physical thunder, lighting, wind and flood but emotionally those words accurately describe what is happening inside.

There are godly couples who desperately want to conceive. They love God. They live right. They are great people and would provide a super home but they wait–all of this while others are having children and giving birth even when they didn’t plan ahead. It shakes one’s faith.

A prolonged storm often brings with it depression. It appears the storm clouds gathered and they just don’t leave.

One of the biggest storms is when a child goes his/her own way and leaves a trail of brokenness in the wake of their choices. It feels helpless but you feel responsible at the same time. If you pursue they run further faster. If you don’t you wonder if you are doing enough.

What storms are you facing? We all have storms. What do you do if it seems Jesus is asleep?

This is what we are talking about tomorrow at Indian Creek—both campuses, Gardner and Olathe. I’d love to see you at the Creek