Donkey Kong in Worship

On Wednesday of this week I was standing in the sanctuary of the Orlando First Baptist Church passionately singing, His love never fails and never gives up on me, with 5,000 church planters and leaders. We were attending the Exponential Conference 2013 for church planters and leaders. That place was ALIVE with excitement, joy, love and love. You could palpably feel God’s love for His children and you couldn’t miss that the place was full of leaders who were doing everything they could to say thanks.

Everyone was into it except the lady in front of me. She evidently was in the middle of a video game on her iPad mini when the worship started and there was no way she was quitting in the middle of the game. She remained seated so I could see all kinds of explosions and colors and screen changes. She was into it and oblivious to what was happening around her. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. How could she sit there in the middle of passionate worship to the King of Kings and be immersed in the world of Donkey Kong or whatever it was (I realize I’m dating myself. I have no idea what new game it was and it doesn’t matter). What a poor choice to trade something that doesn’t last—you eventually lose for something that never ends and you win in the end.

The more I thought about it the more I began to see that she isn’t really any different than me. At times I sit in the middle of this world and play whatever game happens to be happening while the Lord of the universe waits to meet with me. My choice may not seem as obvious at the time but it is just as real. It’s just a different game. Sure I may not have 5,000 people passionately singing around me but I know what it is to worship and sometimes I miss out.

At first I felt surprise and I quickly judged her. Then I backed off and just felt sad for her. Now I think about her act and thank God He convicted me.