Easter Live Out Offering

This is the message I shared with our two campuses concerning our Easter Live Out offering.

We want to invest every dollar you give today outside of this room. This is the level of commitment we have to let the whole world would know the truth we just celebrated. We are going to invest it in others. Sixty per-cent of the world doesn’t know the truth of real life in Jesus and we are convicted to share the truth that’s changed our lives.

I offer this invitation to participate not as an obligation. If you are our guest we hope to inspire you to discover what we’ve discovered, the words of Jesus are true, It is more blessed to give than to receive. We want to live our lives in such a way that what we do with them outlasts us.

Inside of your worship folder is an insert titled Live Out. (Live_Out_Easter_offering_flyer.pdf) There you can see pictures of a couple of our partners and an example of the kind of reach we have as a congregation. You’ll also find a couple of stories. The stories you see are replicated in each of our global partners. You’ll see we have partnerships with our local schools, in our city and globally in China, India, Peru and South Africa. If you would like to know you can go to the web address listed and view the detail.

Before I pray for today’s offering and those who give, I’d like those who are going to serve overseas in a cross cultural partnership this year to stand. One of our goals this year as a church is to SEND 75 Creekers overseas to engage with our global partners in relationship. This will not only help our partners with resources but create opportunities for deeper knowledge and relationship. We believe when they return here it will have a catalytic effect on our own sense of ownership in fulfilling our mission. Our vision is that if 10% or so would go this year and every year for the next five years we want the other 90% to SEND. If you don’t go you can SEND, you can also pray, serve, and give.

So if you are going or are even seriously in the process of deciding would you please stand. When I pray for God to bless our offering and those who give, I also want to pray for you. And ask I pray would you also look around you and pick out someone who is going and pray for them with me.

Thank You Jesus that you not only died on the cross you rose from the grave to give us victory. We claim that victory today. We also want the whole world to know. So we pray for Your blessing to be on everyone who is SENDing. Bless those who go, those who send, those who serve, and those who pray and those who give. Bless the giver and the gift. In Jesus name we pray, and everyone said, Amen.