Fulfilling the GC in KC

The last three days have been amazing when I consider how God is working to fulfill the Great Commission through leaders and ministries in Kansas City. I’m not going to be able to tell you all of the details that leave in me in absolute astonishment but I’m not stretching it to say that God is on the move in KC.

Belinda and I spent the last three days with Chalapandian Benjamin. He is the church planting trainer for IGL, the India Gospel League. He is a right hand man to the President of IGL, Sam Stevens. He was full of eye-witness stories about church planters and the risks they take, the horrors of persecution and martyrdom, miracles, healings, spiritual warfare and more. The Holy Spirit is working through the church in India just like He did in the book of Acts and it is overwhelming. I found myself fighting back tears at one moment, laughing another and had the hairs on my arms standing up at still another. I’m thrilled we get to partner with IGL and three other churches to plant churches in Odisha. 

We are embarking on a 5 year partnership that sets out to plant 580 churches and will be involved in significant community transformation. This is one of the most resistant states in India. It is less than 2% reached for Christ. It is hostile to the message of Jesus. In 2008 the missionaries were run out, some were martyred and Christ followers were driven into exile when their homes were burned. But five years later the winds of the Spirit are blowing and our partners have 90 planters ready to go if we can send the first installment of our five year goal which is $156,017 ($780,085). I believe by God’s grace we can do this. The churches that are stacking hands are Indian Creek, Colonial Pres., Iglacia De Canaan and the First Church of God (Columbus, OH). 

The dream is becoming a reality and the good news is that light is coming to darkness. From the time of Jesus until now these people groups have remained “unreached.” But because of decisions we are making and sacrifices we are willing to take there will be people groups present in heaven. Isn’t it a privilege to gather as churches halfway around the world, and because of partnership, join efforts to fulfilling the Great Commission!