Generosity Strikes Again

This is Tim Stout’s story


Kristin Levitt talked to me about going to China with Project Partner to shoot video on the first Sunday of Crazy Generosity at Indian Creek. (great timing, right?) I thought I’d throw out a fleece. I had just come back from South Africa shooting a documentary “Call Her Momma” and I was guessing I had about $5k to pay off for the movie based on my budget. I knew this going into the shoot but felt strongly that it was God’s will. So my fleece was that I would get a call about freelance to help pay the bill which would make me feel better about spending money to go to China.



When I got home from church I had an email about a large freelance video job.  So I felt that confirmed the China question. 

Friday night I finally had time to sit down and compile all my receipts from the South Africa trip. I put them all in a spreadsheet and divided by the exchange rate. And then I double checked because according to the numbers instead of being $5k over what was in the movie account, I was about $1.5k under. I couldn’t believe it. I mean I might have forgotten a meal or something but nothing close to that much.



So now Aid 2 Orphans (movie crew) is going to buy shoes or some other Christmas gift for the Kwa-dick orphans that Indian Creek supports. I shouldn’t be amazed. I believe in an amazing God that knows and supplies all our needs. I guess I am amazed and humbled that God uses me in a small part to supply other’s needs.



Way to go Tim! Thanks for sharing. We’re going to China together buddy!