Hangin with Kris

Kristen Levitt and I are usually leading Project Partner teams when the other one isn’t. Getting in and out of where we go isn’t easy so, generally speaking, it is someone in our family leading (or Steve Igarta). We are training more leaders so it doesn’t depend so much on us for the future but there are a number of complicating factors that I won’t go into now. Anyway, we aren’t usually here together. We think the last time was five years ago. Anyway we had a blast visiting our partners and seeing friends. It was pure joy to share this time together as father and daughter.

It is extremely helpful to talk strategy and learn details that have eluded us thus far. We heard some very encouraging words like, “you are the kind of partners we want to have.” And “you always have a second home here.” Eight years ago when I took over Project Partner and had to restart it I wondered if we really could get the job done. I know, I felt called, and “nothing is impossible” with God but today I stand back look–and am amazed. I give God the credit and Kristen has done the lion’s share of the work but it has truly come together. Belinda has been a huge help and opened her heart to this place we don’t mention on the internet and to India. I couldn’t have done it without her. She leads teams and supports those who go in unique ways. I readily acknowledge we have a long way to go too.

I give God thanks for His vision, His call, His resources and His people. The board, our partners, our mission leaders and our donors have put something good together that is only in the first chapter of what God will do. If you are one who’s prayed, given, gone, served or sent–thank you. We are far from perfect but we are willing to roll up our sleeves and get to work. Pray with us that we at Project Partner become all that God wants us to be.