I can't explain the Love

Every time I come to this side of the Ocean (Asia) I’m struck with the love I feel for these people. It is unexplainably strong and constant. The only way I can make sense of it is to acknowledge it comes out of the Father’s heart.

I often pray to have the heart of the Father and this is part of His answer to me. I make it my highest aim to say what Jesus said, my purpose in life is to do the will of my Father and give Him glory. That is the highest purpose anyone can have for their life.

I’m super glad God’s led us to pastor Indian Creek Community Church. A part of that calling is for Indian Creek to lead with a missional heart locally and globally. If I was to summarize the priority message of Jesus into one phrase it would be that the kingdom of heaven would come to earth. The church is the primary vehicle He uses but often He uses missions as the leading edge of his work.

In my life those two merge together in a way I could have never dreamed. I feel it to the core of my being when I am here. I thank God for the call. I am extremely grateful for a family and church that is encouraging and supportive.