On October 10 I had a double hernia surgery. The recovery has been slower than I hoped and it has taught me a few things. I realize that many people live with pain continually and my respect for them went up a ton. I think my mercy gift is pretty small but I’m sure it grew. Many times I’ve wondered if a person who was feeling poorly couldn’t will themselves to get up and go. I repent.
I thought I would have a lot of time to read, study the Bible and pray. I’ve found it really hard to concentrate. The extra time hasn’t necessarily translated into time well spent. I can’t just get up and go because often I haven’t had enough energy to do more than just sit or lay around. A couple times I had a burst of energy and I thought I had turned a corner only to hit the wall a few hours later. It has been hard to put two good days back to back.
I’m sure it will turn around soon. Today was a good day although it did include a nap in the afternoon. The pain is much less and easier to control. I didn’t realize the necessary management it takes to stay on top of the pain and handle the gastro-intestinal challenges pain meds cause. So when the pain is less the management is easier.
I have a greater appreciation for the faithfulness of God. He is amazing. He knows just what I need at any point in time. His word is rich and He is so willing to speak through His Spirit. There were several times when I played Youversion.com and simply listened to the Psalms. I could identify with the Psalms especially the group between say, 65 and 90. I did have a lot of time to think. Some of it was in the middle of the night. I felt like God helped me sort out a number of things that often in my busyness I don’t have enough time to reflect on. I appreciate the perspective gained.
The thing that stands out is the way our community cared for me. I feel loved for sure. People brought meals, sent texts and emailed, called, came to visit, prayed for me and in general overwhelmed me with love. I couldn’t have asked for more. Several people even said I didn’t do a lot because I knew you had as much attention as you could handle. Thanks for the care. I felt it and it felt good.
I wouldn’t choose this course for my life but I think God has a plan at work that includes rest, time at home and time in the city of KC. I had to cancel multiple trips and I missed a chance to run in the KC half marathon. But if this is the will of God for my life at this time I want to fully embrace it and learn whatever I can. His will is all that is important in the long run and I trust Him. So I’m low on the learning curve but I’m taking it all in and taking notes.