Pray BIG

On one of the last days of last year my son, Luke Kendall, introduced me to It’s a site where you can download books which are set up so you can listen to them (you can even turn them up at 1.5 or 2x the natural speed like I do). I saw the potential in part because I spend a lot of time working out inside during the winter. The first book I listened to was The Sun Stand Still by Steven Furtick. I loved it and devoured it in 3 days. I’m praying some Sun Stand Still prayers and although I’ve logged a lot of prayer time my faith needed a fresh injection and boy did I get it. Thank you Steven Furtick! 

I thought if that was so helpful, and it was, I’ll listen to Steven’s other book on faith filled living titled, Greater. I’ve long been excited that Jesus said his disciples would do “greater” works that He had done see John 14:12 What kind of greater things could be done than raising the dead? I don’t think Jesus meant that we could do a double resurrection. I think the greater has more to do with the combination of millions of believers all seeing miracles in their lives. That is what it looks like for disciples to do greater things than Jesus did. 

I’m believing God for greater things at Indian Creek. We are in the middle of a month-long prayer series called “The Art of Powerful Prayer”. Here is last week’s message, The Power of Praying Together. Now here is the challenge, what BIG prayer will you pray? When we complete the series next week we launch into a 40 Day Prayer Challenge where we are asking every Creeker to pray for ONE thing for 40 days in a row. We start on Ash Wednesday and pray through Good Friday. Do you have a God sized dream inside of you? Do you need a miracle? Pray BIG! Pray persistently. Ask the sun to stand still. Ask to be a part of God’s “greater.” What is your ONE thing?

I love to read (or listen) to other’s stories but I long for God to have His way in us. Let’s hear God for ourselves. Let’s work like it all depends on us but pray like it all depends on Him. Let’s be a part of the miracle or even–be the miracle! Pray BIG my friends!