Preview for Sunday

People ask me from time to time, “Doesn’t it just shock you that Indian Creek has grown from a small group that met in a home to what it is today?” They’ll continue, “Did you ever imagine multiple campuses and a large full service facility that functions like a community center?” Or my favorite one is, “Did you ever think that thousands of people would find their way back to God at Indian Creek.”

I appreciate the sense of awe for what God’s done and I’m truly humbled by His grace. He’s been better to us than we deserve. But I look them in eye and say, “No I’m not surprised. We saw all those things and more. I fully expected God would deliver on the vision He gave us and the cool thing is He’s not done yet–not by a long way. I’m convinced the best is yet to come. I’ve prayed for a 50 year run of fruitfulness and vitality for Indian Creek Community Church and I believe God for it. We serve a great and mighty God who always fulfills His promises.

In 1985 we were a small group of 27 adults,(14 of that number were kids),and we met in a home. That sounds like some of our community groups today, doesn’t it?

We didn’t have a building. We didn’t have a church bank account. We didn’t have anything in the world’s eyes except a big vision and a risk-it-all faith. We believed that God was calling us to start a new church in Olathe and that it would be a city reaching church. As we talked and prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more, a picture began to form in our minds of a church where individuals and families found their way back to God. We determined to make a difference for God and for good in our community.

We dreamed of starting a day care center and Little Treasures was born. We dreamed of starting a counseling center and LifeLine Counseling Center came to life. We dreamed of building a community center when we built this facility on Black Bob and it doubles as one. We envisioned planting multiple churches and campuses and there is more but here is the point. All these things we did succeeded because it was already in the plan of God. We simply discovered the plan through listening to Him. We sacrificially obeyed and He blessed with supernatural power.

We prayed, listened, obeyed, sacrificed and man, did God deliver on His word.

One of the things that gets me out of bed every morning is that I know there is a will of God and a plan of God for Indian Creek that has yet to come to life. I can see it in my mind and heart. And I’m not alone, many of us believe God promised to fulfill His vision and that His answers are not far away. He’ll deliver because He’s God and because we will surrender everything to Him.

We will make disciples, who make disciples and change the world. I believe that with all my heart and I’m giving my life to it.I invite you to join me.

You’ll have to come to hear the rest :)