Lately I’m struck by a simple but powerful truth. I’ve often heard prayers that call for God to “show up”, “come”, “be here now”, etc. In fact I’m sure I’ve offered more than my share of them. Recently I’ve been praying a better prayer and that is–for God to reveal Himself. He is here He doesn’t need to “come”. What we need is to see, feel, perceive, and believe that He is. I think that is what I’m truly requesting.

The difference is subtle but profound. To pray that God reveals His presence, His will or better yet His purposes in a situation reminds us He is always here. He’s never left us. We are never abandoned and never alone. We know that is the truth because Jesus said so (John 14:16). The beautiful thing is that He is so willing to reveal Himself.

He wants to reveal His glory. He wants to reveal His truth. He wants to reveal His presence. He wants to reveal His power. The truth is—He is does but we don’t always recognize it. He is always at work ahead of us whether or not we know it. That’s why when we pray, “reveal Yourself” or “reveal Your glory” or “reveal your purposes” we are aligning ourselves with Who He is and what He is already doing.

Lately I’ve been praying in many situations, “Lord, reveal Your glory here.” He is here. He is working. He is sovereign. He is purposeful. He is ahead of me. He is ahead of the enemy. He is everything we need.

Lord, reveal Yourself!