The Boiling Point

Belinda regularly leads teams of women to India to speak at women’s conferences sponsored by Women with a Mission which is part of The India Gospel League. I have the first hand privilege of watching these teams prepare, serve and debrief. Then I get to see if it makes any difference in the way they live. My observation is that once these women go and return they are never the same.

This is true not just for some but for most–it is across the board. When they return they come back with a deeper love for God. They enjoy each other’s company. The Holy Spirit seems more alive in them and they serve in the church and in the culture with a stronger determination. They connect into community. They give more sacrificially; in short they are different in a good way.

Could we get our whole church to go to India? That is as impractical as it is short-sighted. It isn’t the India experience that leads to this change but if not, what is it? I’ve been thinking about this for several years now. I’ve decided it is love in action. It is partnership with God and once you’ve allowed God to work in you and through you in this way you never want to go back to the former normal.

It’s not just India, I’ve seen it in others at Indian Creek and around the world. There is something that happens in laying down one’s life that brings about transformation. It is love in action but it is more. It is also the experience of partnering with God where He works through you to the point that it changes you as you. When you surrender to service it is a catalytic moment. You are never the same.

Let me illustrate it this way. Water boils somewhere around 212 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the altitude at which you boil it. There is a moment when the water is rolling and bubbling then in the next moment with just one more degree of heat water turns from a liquid to steam. This is a morphing moment. Everything changes. The molecular structure is altered and H2O lifts off from the earth into the air.

You don’t have to go to India to experience transformation but you do need to reach the boiling point which I’ve come to call, surrender. As best I can understand there is a series of events that bring about transformation. You surrender to the call of love on your life and you lay your own life down in service to answer the call. You love God and love people. God takes you at your word and while you are living out that love His Holy Spirit so fills you that it changes you from the inside out. There is a divine partnership that takes place. This is life as He intended it to be. Once you’ve tasted it you never want to go back to a life dominated by the here and now.

Gary Kendall