The Church, big C or little c?

Today the big C church in Kansas City took a huge step forward. Church leaders have prayed, dreamed, strategized and worked for the progress made today. What happened is a direct result to all the good work that contributed toward the launch of a Roundtable of leaders who stacked hands and said, we are going to work together. These leaders represent networks of churches, not-for-profits, and para-church ministries. You could say the 30 leaders are representative of the Church in Greater KC. What is different and significant is that they pledged to work as one to defeat the “giants” of causes none of us can do alone. These are giants we can only defeat if we practice the unity Jesus prayed we would practice in John 17.

Racism, fatherlessness, lack of equity in education, human trafficing and the like are the big dog deals that keep our city in bondage. They will only fall if we prioritize our work so that we can mobilize the entire church. For example, there are some 2,500 churches in KC (some say as many as 3,000). And most of them have their own mission, values, strategy and measurements of success. We have denominations that bind some together around doctrine or practice but denominations don’t necessarily work together. We have networks and para-church ministries that have common causes but often they are single focused. We have independent churches. The result is a lot of good is accomplished but the energy goes in many directions. What this Roundtable is attempting to do is to harness a commitment from all (or as many as will) that would share a common priority and serve cooperatively together. 

This kind of Church becomes dangerous to the enemy. Instead of 2,500 different efforts imagine a 100 fold increase and 250,000 were mobilized if we all worked toward a common goal. Let me take it out of theory for a moment to illustrate. There are approximately 3,000 schools in the greater KC area or so I’ve been told. What if we prioritized education and every church adopted a school? And what if every church used a proven strategy and shared resources, new learnings and personnel? Do you think that would impact the lack of equity we have in education in greater Kansas City? I believe it would. Unless we work together some districts will benefit while other suffer which is what we have presently. 

I’m not attempting to speak for the Roundtable or to set the agenda but what I do hope to do is inspire every Christ follower to pray for these kind of big “C” efforts. I want us to think biblically. I want us to live out the love of Jesus in a way that His promise comes true from Matthew 16:18, I will build my Church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. I’m not sure we are all that dangerous to the devil as the little “c” church but I believe he (the enemy) will tremble if the big “C” Church ever finds its stride. Let’s let this be the day!