The Church On Mission

This Sunday I speak at the Indian Creek Olathe Campus to kick off the What if the Church? series.  I am excited about our triad. Jim West from Colonial Pres and Ryan Nelson from 33 Church will be our guest speakers. We will join 40 some other churches for a worship event, on Friday, June 8 and we will host a serve day at Countryside Elementary on Saturday, June 8. The question we pose is What if the Church worshipped together, learned together and served together? The message we send is that we are one in Jesus and we are on mission to bring heaven to earth in our community. 

This Sunday sign ups begin for the Serve Day. We hope to turn out 350+ to do a “home make-over” on Countryside Elementary School. We continue to build our partnership with Countryside and it is giving us opportunity to live out the love of Jesus in some ways that can break the cycle of poverty and provide an equitable education. Our participation is a game change-changer for many.

Here is an excerpt from Sunday’s message:

John 17
What would happen to the big “C” Church in Kansas City if we decided to join together to fulfill Jesus prayer in John 17 where He prayed that His church would be one so that the world will know you are my disciples. These are the words of Jesus:  I pray that they will all be one, just as you and I are one—as you are in me, Father, and I am in you. And may they be in us so that the world will believe you sent me. John 17:21 NIV

Not only would the church be unified and get along better because of it but Jesus says that it is in our unity and service that the world believes there really is a God! Whenever you see the words, so that, in scripture you know there is a purpose statement coming. Here it says be one SO THAT the world will know you are legit—you are my disciples!

Why Should I Believe?
Have you heard skeptics say to you, Why should I believe there is a God when Christians can’t even get along? I’m wondering just out of curiosity how many of you have had someone, a friend, neighbor, co-worker or a “doubter” say some version of what I just said to you? 

I love it when the community sees a work project taking place at a local grade school and someone asks, Who is doing this? And the answer comes back, This is the church working together. No one is competing, no one is posturing, we want all the glory and attention to go to Jesus.

What if the Church worked like this all across Kansas City? The bride of Christ would look beautiful to an on looking world of skeptics. AND communities would be transformed because we turned out thousands of servants from 40 plus churches to leave schools, parks, homes, missions and churches better than they found them at the beginning of the day. 

The church unified and on mission for even one day can be a game changer in the lives of those we serve.
There are BIG things we can only do if we do them together. There are BIG BIG giants in Kansas City like racism, fatherlessness, lack of equity in education, human trafficking and more. We can only make a dent in these human concerns if we work together. We believe these giants could fall if the churches of KC joined forces and we are starting with worship days, work days and study day SO THAT the world will know there is a God in KC and His name is Jesus!

Are you up for that Indian Creek? Let me hear you? I want to be a part of that, don’t you?