Last night I was with my family watching a movie on video. The action was constant and the plot line was fascinating.  It was based on a true story but the violence was sickening. Perhaps they were just being faithful to what really happened but I found myself getting sick to my stomach. Halfway through I went to my room just to get some space. Once there I started thinking about the violence in Newtown, CT and Rochester, NY. Tears came to my eyes as I thought about the families of the victims. All of this is too real for me. If you’ve lost a child you are painfully aware that it is not just a story, lives are changed forever, like mine. 

I get concerned about the amount of violence that is served up on the media but then again it is a choice whether we watch or not. I don’t want to become numb. I want to feel my feelings even if it brings me pain. The alternative is that we start to treat news as if it was a movie or video game. A prayer I often pray is that I would love the things God loves and hate the things He hates. I want to live while I’m alive and that includes feeling my feelings and the feelings of others.