2015 English Soccer Camp Recap

Recap 2015 English Soccer Camp

I’m preparing to return to the States after a week at the camp and two weekends with our partners. It’s a beautiful day in Hong Kong and I wish I could stay even at the same time that I’m ready to return to see my family, friends and Indian Creek. I think they call that “conflicted.”

I’m glad that God gives us hearts big enough to expand and grow to include others. I love what God is doing here in Asia through His people. I always return inspired with new ideas. Maybe you’ve heard me tell the story before but if you haven’t it was my trips overseas, five years into planting Indian Creek, working with our partners that gave me the commitment to a Live Out focus for Indian Creek. I saw them reaching out to their community, loving them to Jesus, by meeting needs around them and I thought—we could do that. I always feel like I gain more than I give when I serve overseas. That benefit transfers over to Indian Creek too.

I look back and reflect on soccer training in the pouring rain and the humid heat (think about running for two hours in a sauna). I reflect on ESL sessions where we learned English words for soccer terms, film sessions where we talked strategy, gatherings where we talked about life skills and early morning stretching times where we bonded and it is hard to imagine how it could have been better. Our partners did a great job putting the camp together and executing the plan.

The real test is whether the campers put what they learned into practice–that something to pray for as we go forward. I can say with certainty that in year three I saw intensity in the attention the campers paid to the teaching that wasn’t there in the previous years. I thank God for that. If you prayed for the camp, may you take heart that your prayers made an eternal difference. Thank you!

Gary Kendall