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Here's what one reader had to say

i have been following living sent and just heard your story (Jon DeWitt’s story) and was extremely moved by it. it is very inspiring for me. i was an atheist until aug 27 of 2007 and became a Christian at that time, like a light switch was turned on. gave myself to the Lord on may 18 of 2008. i struggle w “partying” myself, (not too sure what you meant by that), and it is my demon. i am married to a very spiritual man who has a very close relationship w Christ, i find that very helpful, we meet in july of 2008. these messages out of living sent are extremely helpful to me in getting out of self and getting on w life, something i need to do to get better. i work a recovery program and attend mtgs regularly. 6 to 7 a week. thank you for being there and helping me out in my walk through this life. Name withheld for privacy

Josh Levitt is Living SENT

Josh Levitt started with a question of how could he give more. The answer led him to learn that the key was to get out of debt and live on a spending plan. The result was that not only did he discover how to do this but he realized others needed the same process. Now the real joy of his life is leading others to financial freedom. Dave Ramsey is a go to guy for resources but Josh is also willing to share what he’s learned as a financial coach.

Jean Janner's Story of Living “backwards”

Jean Janner tells about realizing that she was living “backwards.” She shares how God brought her to an understanding that she was created to live SENT. Grasping hold of that truth unlocked a new level of satisfaction and meaning in her life. Now she shares what she learned with others.

Jen Hunt's story of Healing

Jen and Ryan Hunt were on staff with us at Indian Creek for several years right out of college when they, with Brad Hill, helped to launch a ministry we called VOX. Jen started to process this while at Indian Creek and it is a great story of redemption. Jen and Ryan will be back at Indian Creek on Monday, October 8, at 7:00 p.m. in the Journey Student Ministries room for a service of healing, worship and prayer. Praise God for His ability to restore us. Pass on the story.

Tim Stout's Live Out story

Tim Stout shares how traveling to S. Africa allowed his heart to be captured by a desire to help. He never dreamed he would be a missionary. But God has a great sense of humor. Listen to his story of living out.