Here are thirty days of devotions to go with the Created to Live SENT series. They are divided up into six weeks in case you are tracking along with Sunday messages or a group study. Of course you can do your own study into living SENT if you’d like. 

If you track along with the Created to Live SENT use a five day week (Monday through Friday) for the six weeks the Living SENT series.The devos will match up with the Sunday messages, the group studies and the book backwards: Created to Live SENT


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Living SENT Day 1

Living SENT

Day 1

Jesus said my purpose is to give them (you) a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10 NLT

From birth forward it feels right to look out for self but I believe there is a better way. Hi, my name is Gary Kendall and I’m living backwards or so it seems.

We find it necessary at the beginning of life to look out for self. It is part of self preservation. Then it is natural as we grow to want to please ourselves. We all do it. It is a part of self discovery. Let’s just admit it, we are born with a bent toward selfishness.

At some point along the way, what it healthy and natural in the beginning becomes pervasive. Before, until before I know it, it is all about me. I want to have it my way and you do too. As the song says, You can’t please everyone so you got to please yourself.

So initially to follow Jesus, may seem backwards. But for as much as it feels right to serve self there is disquiet in your soul that says, You were made for more. The truth is: You were created in the image of God. He put a part of Himself in you. You were created for relationship with Him.

Once you experience the richness of this life with Him you will decide that doing life on your own is what is backwards. You will discover that living for self is ultimately shallow. But when you live for a purpose greater than self, you will discover true life.

Tomorrow I want to share a humorous story that illustrated this truth for me. You can find the story in Chapter 1 of the book, backwards: Created to live SENT

Gary Kendall

Week 1, Living SENT, Day 1, Devo 1