Day 4 Turn Around

Turn Around

Day 4

I am the way, the truth and the life. John 14:6 NLT

Have you ever experienced the feeling, that life seems harder than it should? Maybe you’ve even said,There must be a better way!Like my excursion, life is better when you turn around and go the direction the guide advises. Your kayak slices through the water. Steering is easier. Your efforts are more productive. You get along with others better. You can enjoy the journey.

This bookbackwards: Created to Live SENTdescribes how to find your way back to God and become like Jesus. You were made in His image. Isn’t it time to learn how to truly live?

To get started you need a change of direction. The Bible uses the word “repent” for this turn-around. In the Greek language, the word for repent is “metanoeo”, and it means to turn around and go the complete opposite direction. It is like doing a 180 degree U-turn.

It is like you were sitting backwards in the boat. You choose to accept the leadership of Jesus based not on what you can do but on what He’s already done for you. You invite Him to lead, and you chose to follow. The surroundings haven’t changed yet, but you are reoriented. It is a whole new way of living.

Following initially feels backwards but rather quickly it feels like a fit. Before long you may find yourself thinking, I believe I was made for this.

Will you join me today in saying to God, Forgive me for going my own way. You take the lead and I’ll follow? It is never too late to turn around.

What is it in your life that needs a turn-around? Jesus is the initiator of second chances and new beginnings. Listen to your Guide and live life as He designed it to be lived.

Gary Kendall

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