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backwards: Created to Live SENT

What do you do with the tug-of-war you feel between living to serve self or living with the freedom to let go and live for something greater? Gary writes out of his own experience for those on the journey to find life at its best. The possibilities might feel backwards but at the same time surprisingly fulfilling.

Author: Gary Kendall

Price: $12.99

backwards: Created to Live SENT

There is A Study Guide for Backwards in paperback that can be ordered by email: Gary@lovekc.net

Another book is: The Path to Power by Gary Kendall and Jim Davey. They can order that book by requesting it a Gary@lovekc.net It is only available in paperback.
A third book available is: Love Your Neighbor: a field guide for adopting your neighborhood by Gary Kendall. It is available in paperback and as a downloadable PDF. Request it at Gary@lovekc.net