Day 11 Love's Beginning

Love’s Beginning

Day 11

So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God. Romans 5:11 NLT

The lunchroom was packed. The new school year at Gulf-Coast Bible College had started days earlier. Some students were in the lunch room to see if the food was edible. Others went tomeet the new crop of girls, oh, excuse me, I mean students. After I went through the line to fill my plate, I stood for some time looking for a place to sit. Finally, I saw the only two open spaces in the room; they were immediately across from each other. I navigated my way through the chatty students and made my way to the seats. I sat my plate down to hold my spot and headed for the salad bar.

When I returned I noticed someone had the same idea and had captured the other open space. I didn’t give it much thought. I had a lot on my mind and my main goal that day was to eat thenget on to the more exciting parts of the day. I was barely seated when a cute girl with green eyes and long blonde hair sat down across from me. I learned her name was Belinda, and she was from Kentucky. The day had just radically improved!

To hear the rest of the story you’ll want to read the book backwards: Created to Live SENT. I’m not given to romantic stories but this one has a divine twist!

I never get tired of telling that story, but there is a reason beyond the fact that I love my wife. Relationships take time. They are built experience on experience. And here is the good news, The God of the universe wants a relationship with you!

Beginning a relationship with God is similar to the way we develop human relationships. They grow over time as we invest in them. Often we weren’t looking for the relationships thatbecame primary in our lives, just like I wasn’t looking for Belinda. Although we may not be looking for a relationship with God, He is looking for us. He is looking for you. He will reveal Himself to you in multiple ways over time.

Open your eyes and your heart to Him and you will see that His fingerprints are everywhere. Ask Him to reveal Himself to you. Once you express that desire to Him you can be certain that He will find you. You will begin to explore what it is like to become a friend of God.

Have you experienced a life in relationship with Him? What is it that you could do right now to grow in your relationship with Jesus?

Gary Kendall

Week 3, Love’s Beginning, Day 1, Devo 11