Day 18 Be Baptized

Be Baptized

Day 18

Each of you must repent of your sins and turn to God, and be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins. Then you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. Acts 2:28 NLT

A catalyst for spiritual growth is baptism. Jesus was baptized at the beginning of his ministry. It was a sign of His dedication to do the will of the Father. He set the example for us, and it is a huge statement of identification with Jesus when you do what He did.

Baptism doesn’t save you. But baptism is an act of obedience whereby you symbolize that you identify with Jesus’ death. In baptism, you allow yourself to be laid into the water. When you go under it is as if you’ve entered a watery grave. You die to self. Then when you are raised out of the water, it symbolizes the new birth with Christ Jesus. You are raised to new life!

There is a great joy in obedience! It is always a boost to your spiritual growth to live the life Jesus lived and follow his example.

Listen to the joy expressed in these quotes from people who’ve repented and been baptized. I would say that getting baptized was one of most awesome things of my life. There is no greater feeling than going under the water as the old Joel and coming out of the water a renewed Joel. I personally felt Jesus touch me and refresh my body while I was under the water. Joel Johnson

The meaning of baptism for me was just incredible. It was a beautiful and an extraordinary experience. I felt the power of GOD with me in that moment. After being immersed in the water, it was as if I was breaking free, which represented a new beginning. This beginning has put me on the path where I am opening up so much in my love for Christ and his love for me. I genuinely loved the experience of declaring my faith and commitment to Jesus publicly. Jennifer Creason

There is a joy and a power that is released in obedience. If you have not been baptized tell your spiritual mentor, or a pastor, you want to be baptized. Ask the person who’s been the greatest spiritual motivator to you to participate and be with you in the water. Reclaim your spiritual birthright by accepting Christ and being baptized. It is a clear declaration that says, I’ve joined the family of God!

Gary Kendall

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