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Rebecca Everett Loving God

Rebecca Everett shares her story of Living SENT. She focuses on what she’s learned as she’s grown to really love God. It is a relationship that is real and vital. She invites you to expand who God can be in your life. 

Tim Stout's Live Out story

Tim Stout shares how traveling to S. Africa allowed his heart to be captured by a desire to help. He never dreamed he would be a missionary. But God has a great sense of humor. Listen to his story of living out.

Chelsea Harvey Love People

Chelsea Harvey had never attended a small group before she had one of the most convincing experiences ever–underlining the need for community. Not only did she hear from God and her group about something important to her she saw the church at it’s best. Everyone needs this. And you can be this to others. Now Chelsea is living sent. Hear her story here.

Terry Geenens Live Out

Terry Geenens tells the story of leaving her position as the Director of KidzAlive! to start an LEP, a Life Enrichment Program with Countryside Elementary School. At the LEP they mentor under resourced children, teach character skills and the arts. Many volunteers serve with her. Terry is living SENT. 

Rick Keaton Growing to be like Jesus

Rick Keaton nearly lost everything important to him. But Marianne never quit praying for him. God gave him grace and so did she. He turned to God and returned to her. Here is his story. Now he’s living SENT and committed to growing to be like Christ.