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DeAnna Murguia Love God

Watch DeAnna Murguia’s story of living SENT. She tells of “living a life of worship” and in so doing she illustrates what it means to Love God. Pass this along to your friends who want to live SENT.

Jon DeWitt backwards

Jon DeWitt discovered he was living “backwards” living for self. Then he found real life in Jesus and learned he was created to live SENT–a life that is on purpose, on mission, all the time. It is the Jesus life. Here’s his 

Tom Bassford

It’s rare to know someone who, throughout all the variations of life, seems to consistently and naturally live out of a core conviction. Gary Kendall is one of those people who consistently and in such natural ways lives his belief that people matter to God . . . and to him. “Backwards” is a perfect read for those who want to know that God and
how they can live a life of difference.
—Tom Bassford, Founder of Significant Matters

Gary Schmitz

I highly recommend this book for anyone with a genuine desire to know the heart of God the Father for your life and to experience His presence daily in your life. Pastor Gary Kendall has provided here a pathway to following God in full devotion that is very practical, down to earth, and engaging. Here in these pages there is hope for healing in our relationships and insightful keys to living a life that is exciting and full of adventure. Read this book and you will find your way back to God and you will be equipped to help others find their way back too!
—Gary Schmitz, Executive Director of Citywide Prayer K.C.

Russ Olman

Gary writes about the spiritual journey in a down to earth, practical way that is both humorous and inspirational. His heart for connecting people to a real relationship with God is obvious. He’s one who lives it.
—Russ Olmon, Founding President Ministry Advantage