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DeAnna Murguia Love God

Watch DeAnna Murguia’s story of living SENT. She tells of “living a life of worship” and in so doing she illustrates what it means to Love God. Pass this along to your friends who want to live SENT.

Jon DeWitt backwards

Jon DeWitt discovered he was living “backwards” living for self. Then he found real life in Jesus and learned he was created to live SENT–a life that is on purpose, on mission, all the time. It is the Jesus life. Here’s his 

Tom Planck

Gary Kendall continues to prove why he is a gift to the church. His vision, leadership, and wisdom continue to help propel the Church forward. Backwards is one more significant way God is using Gary to help us go further faster. This book is a must read for those exploring faith, new to the faith, and anyone who may need challenged to a higher level of surrender to Christ. Get it. Read it. Live it.
—Tom Planck, Pastor, Church planter and coach HGCM

Donna Thomas

Gary expresses the questions many have and provides the answers we need. Drawing from his wealth of experiences in ministry, Gary has taken the fear and unknown out of giving yourself to the Lord with very practical methods. This book will both challenge you and encourage you to be one of Jesus’ 21st century disciples reaching out to our post-Christian
generation. It is guaranteed to make you a better disciple of our Lord. 

—Donna Thomas, Founder Project Partner and City Vision Ministries, Author

Steve Chiles

Gary Kendall has given his life to help people who are far from God, not just find their way back, but become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. He’s more passionate about church planting and disciple-making than anyone I know. What he shares isn’t theory, it’s lessons learned from 30 years of raising up Christ followers.
—Steve Chiles, Pastor & Church Health Coach