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i have been following living sent and just heard your story (Jon DeWitt’s story) and was extremely moved by it. it is very inspiring for me. i was an atheist until aug 27 of 2007 and became a Christian at that time, like a light switch was turned on. gave myself to the Lord on may 18 of 2008. i struggle w “partying” myself, (not too sure what you meant by that), and it is my demon. i am married to a very spiritual man who has a very close relationship w Christ, i find that very helpful, we meet in july of 2008. these messages out of living sent are extremely helpful to me in getting out of self and getting on w life, something i need to do to get better. i work a recovery program and attend mtgs regularly. 6 to 7 a week. thank you for being there and helping me out in my walk through this life. Name withheld for privacy