40 Days of Prayer–halfway through

Three weeks down on the “One Prayer” focus and three to go. Belinda Kendall and I have been on the Daniel Fast during this time to help keep us focused and to help us remember to pray. The second part is working! I’m hungry most of the time. I find it helps if I eat something mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Our version of the fast is to avoid all sweets, breads, pastas, and meat. We do allow fish, seafood, rice, eggs, vegetables, salads, fruit, nuts and beans. Now do you know why I’m hungry? But I remind myself often that the goal of Daniel’s fast wasn’t to be hungry but to avoid certain things. My fast may not match his exactly the concept is the same. Please know that we are not trying to draw attention or promote ourselves as anyone special. I hope this is instructive to the benefit of the fast. 

We are praying often for “One Prayer” although to be honest we find ourselves including several BIG prayers. It has been good. Actually I would say very good. It is a hard thing to judge because it is subjective but spiritually this focus has drawn us to the Father more regularly and with more intensity. That is welcome. The hunger part isn’t so bad. We remember that half the world goes to bed hungry every night. I realize how often I’m drawn to use food as a comfort food. I miss the protein as it is hard to get enough but all these things remind me of how committed I am to pray through.

Prayer is essentially communion with God. It isn’t about the words so much or how we arrange them. It isn’t about the posture or the duration. And with that in mind–I’d say the communion has been sweet. Sweeter than all the sweets I’ve given up. Forty days is a long time so the length is significant but it is more than worth it. At this point I have no regrets and great respect for those who dive in like Daniel. 

My point in writing is to encourage you whether you are praying or praying and fasting. I don’t think we will ever be sorry that we’ve chosen to pray “One Prayer.” Whether our prayer is answered sooner or later, whether it is a yes, no or wait, and whether it is something instantaneous or gradual. We will be thankful for the process and the result. That is the benefit of seeking first to be in relationship with Him.