A Marriage Prayer

Belinda and I love each other more now than ever. This closeness was gained through one thousand plus conversations and decisions. Many times we take the opposite point of view and we are very different people. We like to think we balance each other out and that we are better together. We’ve had to fight for every inch it seemed. Sometimes we were fighting against each other but in recent years we’ve learned more about fighting with each other–and for each other. That is the better way!

Here is a prayer I pray for our marriage and Belinda virtually every day. The exact words vary some and I’m not perfect in my daily diligence but I rarely miss and I believe it has had a powerful effect. I know there aren’t magic words. Jesus looks at the heart. But in the story of the importunate widow who went unrelentingly to the judge you can see the merits of praying without ceasing. Finally, it is never about our righteousness to ask, it is always about the righteous nature of the loving Father we serve.

Lord, today I give my marriage to You. I pledge my cooperation to You and Your plan. I can’t do it without You. I want to work with you. I don’t want to get ahead of you, fall behind you, be off to the right or the left. Whatever You want that is what I want. 

Please use me as an instrument of Your love to Belinda. I want to appropriately represent You. I want to be Your heart to her, your arms to her; please love her through me.

I pray for Belinda, that she will be in the center of your will and that she will experience you and be filled with Your Holy Spirit today.

Thank you for her. I receive her as your gift to me. Thank you for her. Draw us together and may we honor You.