A Month of Miracles Revisited

This week I had a memory that surprised me. I remembered that we did another Miracles series at Indian Creek years ago. It was the only other one in 27 years. I even remember the month, May of 1989. The reason I remember so clearly is that that was the month our daughter Megan died. That was a horrific time for our family. 

But what made it even harder was when we went back to KY after the funeral to spend some time away we hoped to begin healing and to make some sense of it all. When we walked into the kitchen of Belinda’s home the article I’d written with such glowing confidence about what God would do during the Month of Miracles was pinned to the wall above the phone with a great big ? By the title: May, A month of Miracles. 

That seemed to mock my faith. I could almost hear the enemy laughing in my head. I’ve remembered that for years until, by God’s grace, I battled through the mind games to come to a truthful understanding. A part of that understanding has been learning to trust that I don’t have to have my way. I’ve learned that God is Good all the time. 

The healing Megan received was an eternal healing and one day I will be reunited with her for all eternity. Any other healing she received would have been temporary. God has walked with our family every step of the way. He has been entirely faithful and I’ve come to know Him and love Him in an intimate way.

I can pass this on to you and you can choose to believe even without having that experience. Belinda and I have been able to walk alongside and comfort many w the comfort we received. I admit I was surprised by God’s answer.
We were in a lot of pain for a long time.  But we took the steps God put in front of us and it led us to a place of healing.

Most of you have heard some version of this story before so I considered telling you any number of different ones. But I stuck with it to focus on a different and most important part of the process of healing.

I put a chair on the stage today to tell you more of the story. This is my easy chair. I’ve been sitting in this chair for as long as this church has existed. For years we had it upstairs. For the last 15 plus it has been downstairs. This is where I start my day with God when I am home. I take time at the beginning of my day to pray. I read the scriptures nearly every day of my life. Sometimes I listen to them or read them out of another book. But my normal practice for most of my life has been to start my day with God. I’m not perfect and I’m not asking for credit.

Here is why I share, I would not have made it through the confusion of a life altering event without a regular time to read and reflect on scripture. It took me years to sort through what happened and how it affected me. I needed to journal my prayers. I needed to cry. I needed quiet time to let the loss sink in. But in that quiet time I also head the Holy Spirit speak words of life to me. I needed to sing the songs of our faith to rebuild my faith. Day after day the scriptures rebuilt my understanding and faith. I don’t want to sound presumptuous but I met with God until I had a genuine relationship with Him. I was sure He knew me. And I was sure I knew Him at a significant level. I found healing that went beyond getting what I wanted.

I learned you can lose everything important to you but if you have God you have enough. He will walk with you and help you until the very end which is actually a new beginning.

I trust Him completely. Here is why I tell you this, I don’t believe it is appropriate to do a series on Miracles without telling you this side of the story. It would be spiritual malpractice.

I talk to people regularly who are limping through life because something devastating, something unfair, something that doesn’t make sense happened. You’ve searched for answers but they don’t come. At some point you make a decision to not allow hope to awaken again. You hear statements like I’ve made today and you nod politely but you don’t dare to let hope awaken again because you’ve been let down too many times. As your pastor I need to tell you, you won’t find what you are looking for in a sermon.

You will only find what you need from God Himself. You must sit in the chair and put yourself in God’s word until you connect with Him. You can meet w the God of the universe if you want and it would be the

greatest gift you could ever give to yourself. But only you can do that for yourself. There is no other way that I know of to find the answers for which you seek.

Where is your chair? How often will you sit there? Are you in the scriptures daily? Do you reflect on them and put
them into practice?  

We are going to look at miracles for six weeks in our gatherings but the most important thing I could say to you is that you’ll probably find the understanding you seek about life in your chair. If you don’t have one pick one. Set a time daily to meet w God. Don’t miss. I guarantee you this–you will not be sorry.

I want you to get your miracle but even more I want you to know Jesus.