A Move of God

In March on kind of a typical day, while having my devotional time, I had a thought that I believe came from God and it was this, “I’m about to move and you could miss it.” I sat straight up. I expect to hear from God during my quiet time but many times the messages I hear come from my Bible reading time or are more like promptings. This had the ring of truth from the voice of the Holy Spirit. I did not want to miss out on a move of God!

Immediately I responded, what do I do? If God is going to move I don’t want to miss it. Just as quickly I heard back meet me at six each morning for prayer. That was it, nothing else at the moment. That was March 22nd. I had the strong sense that God meant be at the Prayer Room at Indian Creek, Olathe campus.

The next day I was there. I sat down to pray with great expectation and God didn’t disappoint. I felt led to read Isaiah 55. I wasn’t familiar with the text when I received the prompting so I looked it up. It is titled, An Invitation. I read through it with the real sense that this was an invitation from God to move with Him in what He wants to do not just at Indian Creek but in our city and perhaps beyond.

As I prayed about my part I felt led to commit to a year of prayer at 6 a.m. praying for a move of God. I’ll be in the Prayer Room at Indian Creek except when I’m out of town. If I am out of town I will pray at 6 a.m. wherever I am. 

I felt led to invite others to pray believing that God wants us to become “A house of prayer for all nations”. I’m hoping to start a prayer group at 6 a.m. every day of the week. But even beyond that I’m hoping that followers of Jesus would combine with other believers and pray for this move of God wherever they are. What if every Creeker prayed one hour a week for Isaiah 55 to be fulfilled at Indian Creek each week? 

Will you take God up on His invitation?