A New Brother

I know many have been praying for our friend I spoke of in “Only God.” Your prayers were answered! We have a new brother in Christ! Thank you for your partnership in mission!

Here’s the rest of the story.  After I wrote you I felt led one morning to write some thoughts and scriptures for him to study on the van. I started with God’s love and then went through why we need forgiveness, what Jesus did for us on the cross, how to receive his offer of grace and what happens when we receive His Holy Spirit. I wrote it in outline form and put the supporting scriptures then gave it to him in an Indian Creek Journal. I said I would be glad to talk about any of that but that would be his choice.

Later the same day he talked to one of the young men on the team that was his age and Dan walked him through the whole page with illustrations and explanations from his own life. I asked him later in the day if it was all right to give him the gift and he said yes, it was good.

Before he went to be he talked to each of the other two translators about their experiences as followers of Christ. He asked many questions. They had good conversation late into the evening. The next day on the van he leaned over to me and said now I believe. I don’t know what to do.

We were stopping at a service station at that moment so I said, let’s go for a walk. I explained how to pray to invite Jesus to forgive you and lead your life and invited him to pray. He wanted to pray so we did. The joy of Jesus was all over his face. He looked like a new person. I went over the difference between faith and feelings and gave him scriptures for assurance and then we boarded the van. I asked him if he wanted to share his decision with the team. He did and there was great celebration! No doubt there was a celebration in heaven too. And now I hope there is a celebration in wherever you are as you read.