A Snowstorm is Predicted for Tomorrow

A major snowstorm is predicted to hit KC tomorrow. Read closely because some things are going on as normal (worship gatherings) and other are different (Spring Fest) on each campus.

Attention All Creekers!

Here is the plan for tomorrow—so you can make your plans. Come worship with us. We will be open for services on both Campuses, Olathe and Gardner. Classes are scheduled as normal. We are planning on a great time together snow or shine! Thank you to our faithful volunteers. You make this possible.

Gardner Spring Fest will be moved to next Saturday, March 30, at Wheatrige Jr. Here is a link to the details:http://www.indiancreek.org/Gardner-News/spring-fest-on-march-24.html

Olathe Spring Fest will continue as planned from 12-2 inside the Indian Creek facility. Here is a link to the details:

If you ever wonder whether we will be open for worship services—just know we will be. It is that important! Thank you for your faithfulness.

Please copy and post this on your Facebook to help get out the word. 

Gary Kendall
Lead Pastor