A Teen Gets It!

Even the teens at Indian Creek are getting generosity:

You never know if  your teenager gets it.  When we had the reverse giving Sunday, Nicholas was sitting in front of us.  When it was time for the offering,  Marianne and I where up to do prayer partner so I was going to give Nick some money to put in the offering.  When I tapped him on the shoulder, he turned and had $5 dollars out.  It was $5 I had given him for lunch.   I asked him what he was doing with his lunch money and he said, I do not need it, someone else does.  So he gave his lunch money for someone else.  It may have only been $5, but that was all he had.   I praised God for letting me know, HE GETS IT!!  Rick Keaton


I heard two great stories yesterday. Keep trusting God and let Him give you your own story.


Gary Kendall