A Thoughtful Response to Immigration Reform

Have you noticed how many times there is a balance in scripture between mercy and justice, between grace and truth? God is the perfect balance of both. I want that for my life and for our country. I don’t stop to ask anyone else what they’ve done in their lives before I respond to them as a child of God. I do my best to treat people with mercy and grace regardless of race, heritage, culture, color, age or marital status. Do I value justice? Absolutely! But I am very aware that God has been merciful to me. If I got what I deserved it would be ugly–and I bet that is true for you too.

We have a broken immigration system in the U.S.and we have people who take advantage of it. I think we can do better. I’m grateful and thankful that the Bible has an emphasis on welcoming the stranger, the orphan, the widow, the poor and the broken. In fact, we could make a good case from Isaiah 61 that it was a point of emphasis with Jesus. I want our country to reflect God’s word and I will personally work to improve our performance.

Here is a video that expresses many of my thoughts and views. Please carefully consider it: