Add Fasting

Belinda and I have decided to add fasting to our One Prayer. We will be fasting the Daniel fast. Our version of it will be “no fine foods”. For us that means a lot of vegetables, fruit, and salads. We will include fish and eggs to get some protein but stay away from red meat, sugars and breads. The important part is not what we refrain from but what we focus on. I’m not telling you this to get any credit. Please don’t give it. We haven’t accomplished anything yet. My point is to encourage all of us to focus our attention on what God wants to say to us. Abstaining isn’t an endurance contest as much as it is a clear reminder several times a day to pray. Every time we think of what we’d like to eat it prompts us to pray the one prayer. The sense of purpose in lining up with God for a greater good is the reward we seek. Please, I repeat, don’t give us credit. If that is what you get out of this note you’ve missed the point. What I hope you are motivated to do is to ask yourself, how do I stay focused during these 40 days to pray through to the victory God has. Adding fasting could help. We’ll let you know.