Alberta Barker Baptized

I’m so proud of my Mother-in-law, Alberta Barker, who was baptized this Wednesday in Morehead, KY. My wife, Belinda, and her sister, Rhonda, had the privilege of performing the baptism. ¬†Alberta accepted Jesus as her Forgiver and Leader at the end of last week. We’ve been praying for and believing for this decision for years. Alberta said she’d been praying for some time but she wanted to be sure that if she died she would go to heaven. We are so happy with her that now she knows she will see relatives and friends there when she graduates from this life into eternity. She is especially excited to see a child that died which was born between Belinda and Rhonda. She wants to see her Mother and she wants to see her granddaughter Megan. Speaking of being excited she had Belinda help her call multiple people who had been praying for her to tell them the good news. She’s not worried about meeting Jesus in eternity since she’s already met Him here.¬†

If anyone ever questions whether salvation is real I wish you could see the before and after version of Alberta. Before she was anxious and fearful. Now she is peaceful and confident. It looks good on her. We are grateful and thankful that Jesus never gives up on us and He is full of grace and forgiveness. If you haven’t made this life altering, eternity changing, decision to ask Jesus to forgive your sins and lead your life Alberta would say, do it today!