BBQ Squid Anyone?

Here’s the recap of Day 3 and intro to Day 4 of the English Soccer camp

Last night the sharing with the Evangiball went great. Thanks for praying. Tonight there will be follow up in small groups. That’s where we will know what was heard and understood so keep the prayers coming.

Today the campers have a real treat they get to go to see one of their favorite professional football (soccer) teams. We get access to one of their practices and actually get to go on the pitch. This is possible because of some unique inside connections and it is a highlight of the camp for many.

The time on the bus and in informal settings always allows for more conversations. Many of the campers are working up the courage to practice their English with me. This provides great opportunities for building relationships which as you know are critical to the whole purpose for my coming.

As I go I want to tell you about a couple of things that we did yesterday that were well thought through by our partners. We did a serving project at the clinic and it was greatly appreciated by the staff. It was a solid witness. I pulled weeds for an hour in a garden. It reminded me of the weeding I need to do continually in my life.

We also had a BBQ. The fun part was the campers were divided into six groups. They were given all the supplies, bricks, charcoal, grill, food, etc and they had to construct their own fire pit first. It was a great exercise. I love the way our partners think through every aspect of what we are doing to help the campers not only have a great experience but grow. The BBQ was awesome by the way—and where else could you get all the squid you want?

Thanks for the prayers,