Breaking Free

Belinda and I are studying Beth Moore’s Bible study, Breaking Free. I’m in week 4 now and I’m grateful for a study that pushes me spiritually. I’m digging into the scriptures and praying as if my life depended on it—because it does. We are exploring the “ancient ruins” of our lives and determining whether we are preserving them or rebuilding. We’ve determined to face the truth at all cost and give God complete authority to call us on anything. It is a painful study in some ways and very healing and freeing in other ways.

I am conscious today of the reality that it is very possible to pray without communing with God, to sing without really worshipping, to serve without being refueled by love as we serve. In other words we can have the form of Christianity without the reality. I refuse to live there.

I want to see Christ revealed in my life in ever-increasing ways. I’ve been a follower of Christ for many years but it is repulsive to me to go through the motions. I want to experience the reality of Christ so powerfully that every day is a new adventure with Him. I want to see His miraculous provision in my daily life. I want to obey so passionately that it is apparent that the kingdom of God has come to earth.