Wednesday Belinda and I were privileged (along with several KC Pastors) to spend a couple hours at lunch with Mark Anderson the President YWAM and the leader of the house church movement in a country halfway around the world.  It was really exciting to see detailed plans of how the Great Commission can be fulfilled in our lifetime–2025. Presently there are approximately 1150 unengaged people groups. What was exciting and is historic is the partnership between the East and the West. This is now the worldwide church working together. It is a privilege to be alive at this time in the history of the world. Just think of all the prayers that have been prayed, the tears that have been shed, the blood spilled and the lives offered up as martyrs to get to this point! And we are the generation trusted to fulfill the mission of Jesus! Belinda and I have been talking every since about the role He wants us to play. We have more questions than answers but we are after the answers. How about you?