Called to the Cause

Nearly two years ago our Mayor, Michael Copeland, asked me to lead the process for developing an Olathe Latino Coalition. The first thing I did was to start to network with people who knew more about this than me.From those early efforts Tom Bassford, Significant Matters, surfaced and eventually Hector Silva who now leads the task force. I’m truly grateful for the team that has developed and it gives me hope that Olathe can be a Latino friendly city regardless of naturalization status.

I’m looking for others who have a similar desire to serve into the need and opportunity the new immigration laws will provide (pray they pass). My friends Daniel Bocanegra and Brontis Varona are already deeply involved. Approximately 30,000 Latinos from Johnson County will begin the naturalization process this fall and they will need a wide variety of services like, ESL classes, civil government classes, parenting, budgeting and more. My hope is that we give them Jesus and a church support system–these are eternal. We must be ready or we will miss the opportunity. I’m wondering if anyone else is hearing this call.

In my spirit I’ve heard the whispers of God such as, I looked for a man to stand in the gap and found none. I’ve heard the words Isaiah heard, Who will go for me? Recently on a prayer walk the message came through loud and clear, My people are harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. I’m sensing that God wants to pull together a network of people (and already is) who will combine their experience, passions and efforts to meet a once in a lifetime opportunity.

If this touches your heart I’d love to know about it. ¬†Gary Kendall