Change Your Prayer

Several weeks ago I was praying for friends to find their way back to God and I prayed the prayer i've prayed so often, Lord, please draw them to you. I heard a quick response in my spirit, that went something like this–that's the wrong prayer. Pray, Lord, use me to help my friends find their way back to God. I immediately changed my prayer and the opportunities since then have been many! I won't use any of the real names but the stories are real. There are some I won't share because the stories are still in process. I'll work backwards through the last several days.

There is a friend who I've been inviting for over a year and one-half who came to Indian Creek for the first time this last Sunday. I saw her again today and she didn't see me walking up so I got to hear her tell a friend, I went to church this weekend and it was great! She said, the music was great, it was very casual and relaxed and I could understand it! Just then I walked up. She said her middle school aged son who came with her really liked it and said he wanted to keep coming with her. She took one of the Bibles home and said she loved it.  She even introduced me to her friend and invited her. I told her that if she was feeling those kind of feelings then that was because God loves her and wants to reveal Himself to her. There is a story growing here!

On Sunday afternoon I was invited to go to the Oxford House, a halfway house, for lunch. Of course I jumped at that chance. There I met a guy who I see almost weekly at a local dry cleaners. He told me he has been coming for several weeks. He recognized me from church and was very gracious in what he had to say about the church and about me. It is a good thing I've always been kind to him :)

During the time I was there I talked to two young ladies, one of which said, I'm a believer but my friend is not. Her friend smiled and nodded in agreement as if to say, she's right. The friend started right in with me by saying, I came to your church today. I didn't know that! She said she liked it. Then she said, I don't believe because I have so many questions. Okay, I said, what are your questions. That led to a 45 minute discussion that was wide ranging. It was an engaging talk where I didn't try to convince her in one day but hopefully left her wanting more. Please pray that she opens her heart to Him and that I get more opportunities to share. I pray she opens her heart to Jesus.

On Thursday I went to Panara to do some work on one of the talks I had to give this week (ten talks in eight days). I was working outside when my battery got low. I went inside and ran into a friend who I led to Christ several years ago. He looked really discouraged. I sat down at his table and he was shocked to see me. It was one of those, what are you doing here, looks. We talked about life for an hour. His wife showed up and we ended up sitting in Panara praying together. He said to his wife, when he saw me coming he knew God had something to say to him. I was glad to be there at that moment and I know God was speaking. I could tell you three more stories similar to these but the time isn't right.

What do you suppose could happen with your friends if you changed your prayers?

Gary Kendall