Chase the Wild Goose

The stories of people who are chasing the Wild Goose (the Holy Spirit) keep increasing in number. Today I told Alicia Wood's story. Alicia's husband is stationed in Afgahnestan. She needed a car and had been saving money to buy one. However, she felt that God was leading her to tithe. The tithe amount was virtually the same amount she was saving. It was hard for her but she gave her tithe in obedience. The very next week she was able to purchase a car for half the price she thought she would have to spend. She told me today, be sure to tell people that tithing is good for us. I told her I would. I wish you could have seen the joy on her face!

I told you last week about the young man who told his wife he lost his job and added “we are on the adventure.” When I told that story in church there was a man who heard it and decided to give a cash gift on the spot. So this week I got to tell how the story was growing. But it doesn't stop there, the guy that gave the money shared that he received the money back that he gave away within two days. So guess what? He is giving it to them again and he said as long as God keeps returning it he is going to keep giving it.

Last week I said that DeAnna Armacost wanted to be baptized today. She invited her sister and two friends to share the moment with her. When I announced that, I asked if anyone else wanted to be baptized and Marsha Jordan said she did. Marsha brought her own cheering section. Eleven friends from the Oxford house came to celebrate with her. Both DeAnna and Marsha shared their stories before their baptisms.  While Marsha was being baptized, Matt Saunders came up from Journey Student Ministries saying one of the youth, an eighth grader, wanted to be baptized. This was an exciting day at Indian Creek!

The Goose is loose! I can't wait to hear what happens this week!

Gary Kendall