China Mission in Review

I’ve been back about ten days and this is the first time I’ve caught my breath enough to write a summary of our trip to China. I continue to be energized and inspired by our partners. Their ability to connect seamlessly with the community, church, government and each other is amazing. They have a saying that “relationship is everything” and they do it well. A phrase kept going through my mind, “we move at the speed of trust.” We really can’t go faster or farther than trust will take us.

We made a difference in the lives of 870+ people on our medical mission. Some were patients in hospitals or clinics. Others were student who received the routine physicals (some weren’t so routine but that is a different subject). And then there were the students in the classroom who received timely instruction about hygiene and abstinence.  But that only tells part of the story. 

The team had a big impact on the community, teachers, administrators, and pastors. They show they love of Jesus by their friendliness, sacrifice and professionalism. Even the government leaders are impressed. It is no wonder they are invited back annually. It is such a privilege to be a part of a team like this. If you have an interest serving next year about this same time frame I would love to talk with you.

If you want to see some of the pictures go to my Facebook account: Gary Kendall. If you aren’t a friend request to be one. You’ll see many smiling faces and no one is smiling more than me. I’m really excited about our partnership.