Chose Joy

Today as I reflected on my day I had this thought, I get to choose my attitude. There were reasons to be encouraged and I had opportunities to be frustrated. I chose joy. I know God is at work. I know people will be human (so will I). I believe that even in difficult times there is the chance to grow in character and to exercise faith.

This thinking started this morning when I had my quiet time. I wondered, is it possible that God has a different goal than I do? What I have in mind is a particular outcome. However, maybe God is more interested in doing a work in me than he is in changing my circumstances? If that is true then the more I am fixated on my result the more frustrated I become with God and stuff I don’t think fits my plan. That makes what God wants to do in me take longer.

When I decide to cooperate completely with God and invite Him to do His work in me even the challenging things have purpose. For that reason I chose joy–independent of my circumstances. I can’t even find the words to tell you the freedom thinking this way brought me  today. 

Give it a try. Every day you have a choice not based on circumstances, you get to choose your attitude. Chose joy!